Uway VH400HD/December 12, 2013


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CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2014
Flash TypeIR Black Flash
Battery Type8 x AA
Test PerformedResult
Flash Range50 feet
Trigger Time without flash0.84s
Trigger Time with flash1.12s
Video Trigger Time
Day RangeGood contrast with natural color
Battery Life
Filter ClunkNo
Invisible FlashYes
Motion BlurLow to Average
Sensing Test50+ feet at 35 degrees F
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Uway VH400HD 1280×720 from Chasingame.com on Vimeo.

The Uway VH400HD is a small camera similar in size to Moultrie M80.  It is designed using the camera-in-a-box style and is a well camouflaged black flash camera that uses 8 AA batteries.  I am using alkaline batteries but lithium would probably perform better in any black flash camera.

It utilizes a color viewing screen that allows for photo viewing as well as video playback.

We have seen the camera in a box style with other vendors including Spypoint.  When asked, HCO responded that the design was to allow the camera to be removed from the housing and used indoors in as small a foot print as possible.  They also mentioned that this style greatly improves the water proofing.  This is a small camera and it will stand on its base which is always nice for me when I test them indoors or use them on a book shelf for example.

For security there is a python loop on the top back side. I would recommend a lockbox when available.

The sensing tests revealed sensing beyond 50 feet at 35 degrees. The flash range picture revealed good illumination and contrast for a black flash camera.  My day range pics were taken when the sun was dropping and created some glare.  We don’t get much sun these days but if I get a nice sunny day I will repeat the day range pic.

Trigger times show an improvement over earlier Uway tests we have done. Under and near 1 second is pretty good and suitable for trail use.

Progress and Activity
12-21-2013 Update
12-21-2013 Update: I have captured both photo and video samples.  there have been no white out photos during transition times.  All of the videos have low but clear audio. I did notice that at night the videos are 720×480 and during the day are the full 1280×720. I am pleased with the realistic color and light metering at night.  There is some motion blur as I would expect with any IR camera.
05-03-2014 Update
05-03-2014 Update:  This camera is still running strong and taking photos.  Battery indicates around 50%.  It has taken 9266 photos (mostly with flash) and 156 video clips so far. I am impressed with the battery life so far.

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