2010 WGI EBX Review - July 12, 2010

2010 WGI EBX

2010 Wild Game Innovations EBX External 6 volt battery pack Review

I have had my share of these that were everything from a homebrew setup in a kids lunch box to the real thing from Stealthcam that made a better bucket than power supply. We had one that had its own solar panel and batteries that the tree rats destroyed and then we did a repair and the batteries were sealed inside so the whole rig would have to be returned but it died the same week the warranty ran out.

Now we have our hands on a new little setup for all the WGI cams. It is 6X6X8.5 inches in size with two 6 volt 20Ah SLA rechargeable batteries inside. They are wired together and hooked to the cable that runs out to be plugged into the camera. There is a port on the front center of box lid that is where you plug the battery charger into. The charger has a switch marked 6/12 volts but there is a block to prevent the charger from going into the 12 volt area so there is no danger.

Now lets talk about the cable. This thing is going to send a lot of tree rats off to the dentist if they attempt to chew through the wires. It is a miniature version of romex steel wire wrap. This is a great idea and I am going to be looking at the base of the tree for all those little broken teeth where they make the effort to cut of the juice to the cam.

The enclosure itself has a full gasket inside the lid so it is water tight. This is a step up over the stealth box I had. We now have the task of going from full charge all the way to dead and recording that data and keep up with the chipped tooth count.

07-18-2010 update: All charged up and checked with a nice tight fit into the new camo IR-3 we are beginning a long term test to see how this thing works. Tree rat dentist is on call.

09-19-2010 update: Seven hundred and seventeen pictures later on our IR-3 and this battery pack difference gave us right at two months of continuous service. The last few pictures were black as the cam tried hard to keep going. This is a respectable amount of time and after we cleaned up the pile of broken tree rat teeth we moved the battery pack back to the charger to take on its next mission. It is a very good accessory to any compatible camera.


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