2010 WGI IR5D Camera Review - June 27, 2010

2010 WGI IR5D

2010 WGI IR5D 5mp 19 count IR red flash Camera Review

Early on into the year we had been in contact with the good people down at BA products and it seems now they have just left town and failed to let us know. We have no new information about their cameras but the sales people at Dicks and Academy was wondering if we were going to be getting the word out on these cameras. They have some 2010 cams on the shelf and no one knows about them. Today I got handed a 5 MP to test so this will be the second not announced cam that we are testing and still no word from them.

If we had not liked the little IR 4 last year so much and the way people took to it I would have probably just handed this one back and went on with my business. I just had seen on one of the forums where the IR-4 camera thread is going on its 5th page and still going strong. I immediately began to read this cameras package and the way it looks is that this is just an interpolated IR-4 with a pretty camo case and probably some internal upgrades. The little ir3 sure surprised us with its function and this cam has one up on that cam because the delay can be turned down to 30 seconds which is much better but not exactly the 10 to 15 second delay everyone raves about.

The size is 7 X 7 X 3 with a nice fall color camouflage frond door. Two small plastic latches are used to close the door. There is a full weather proof gasket between the door and the case. There are no strap slots on the back, just the tree gripper protrusions. Each corner has a bungee loop for mounting. They supply the bungee cords, batteries, SD 2 gig card, and USB cable. The price is just under a hundred dollars and you will not even to have to buy batteries and card. The door has only one window for the array and there is two gasket sealed holes for the PIR and Main lens to stick through. Below that is the two LED status indicators. Inside the door is the two battery compartment which holds two C cells + side down and the main LCD and switches for programming the time date and also the on/off switch. There is a USB port and SD card slot near the LCD also.

This is a very simple to operate and program camera and the manual is well written and easy to follow. I would like to see the specification sheet included in the manual like it is displayed on the package. After the package is thrown out you loose the spec sheet. There is the external battery port on the back of the camera. This location is just not cool because when the plug is in the camera it holds the bottom of the camera off the tree and then you have to shim the top of the camera to gain proper aim. Well at least it does have the facility to use external battery. The optional WGI external battery setup is one of the best we have seen. Later if I can talk them out of one I will test it rather than fiddle with it on the store shelf. This company does offer accessory security brackets and boxes for their cameras. These security brackets seemed to me to be well designed and adequate for most cases, if the bad guy is well enough equipped a heavy chain and lock will not even be enough.

Made it to the shop to do the first trigger tests and that went well and without a hitch. My readings on that were just around the two second time frame. The process of opening and closing the door on this camera is a royal pain in the butt. The latch design allows them to flop every which way and to close the door either the top latch would go in the crack or the bottom latch would manage to slip in the crack. To hold the camera steady on the tree and hold both latches out of the way and close the door was a madding experience. I know this is a small issue but it ranks up there at the top as far as aggravation when you are trying to get as much doe in the time you have left. Shut the lights off and measured the flash duration and it was a little longer than what we like to see but faster than some we have tested this month. The first pictures with flash and a couple with good sun to my back looked a little fuzzier than the recent tests on the ir3c but we can judge that better on the 8 plate range later. So far this cam has not blew my skirt up like the IR-4 did but maybe it will grow on us as we get further into the review. Keeping everything in line and doing our testing of cameras one after the other is hard especially when I look back down the line at what is waiting and I want very much to see the results on those cameras. So I just still go ahead and give each and everyone the time needed but another day of the latches might accelerate things a little.

07-04-2010 update: The sensing distance came out to be 55 feet at 78 degrees and is now on video duty on the hill for sample video information

07-11-2010 update: Just found out that those video tests turned out to be pictures instead. The day color pictures are just pretty good and show very good detail. The color match for the area is very good and no saturation. I like what I see here in the day pictures. The 30 second delay gets a big bump over Moultries one minute and the picture quality is also better except for what we seen from the new IR-50. The night pictures show great contrast where the black is black and the white is white with no mixing in of the typical grey haze. The flash is weak though but our camera had the misfortune of being aimed a little low during these tests. We are seeing a lot of camera being offered this year for under a hundred dollars.

08-14-2010 update: Ton of more pictures and for some reason I cant get Anthony to hit the video switch on this camera. We got a few dark pictures during the transition but that could have something to do with the battery life. Maybe we will get videos next week. Anthony responded that he has too many cameras on the hill right now and in order to ensure quality on sample photos, this camera will have to wait until tomorrow.

08-22-2010 update: The batteries finally gave it up and it took 730 pictures and lasted 52 days. This is not too bad for a 4 cell camera. We still have to do the video samples and we can close this review.

10-04-2010 update: This poor camera died an untimely death and we did not get the video samples. We have concluded that we have had it too long to return to the vendor and it is to late in the year to send it back for repair due to the new cams (2011) coming in so we are just going to have to close this review. Looks like we have another decoy cam to put on the shelf along with the camtrackker.

Trigger Tests
(without flash 2.06 seconds)

(with flash 2.09 seconds)

Flash Range


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