2011 WGI N6 (red 6) Camera Review - September 3, 2011

2011 WGI N6
(Red 6)

2011 WGI N6 (red6) 36 count red flash 6 MP camera review

This is one more in the series we have to do a review on. What is different is that this is a very late arrival and should be one of the cameras that have the upgrade to adjust the light metering in order to prevent whiteout issues.

The description is the same as the others in this line except for the IR size and the MP rating. The delay is down to 15 seconds (20.3 actual) and has 30S, 1, 2, 5, 30 minutes above that. Trigger time is 1.09 without flash and 1.25 with flash. Initial picture quality showed the array is very strong and close in subjects are washed out. Day with color is very good and sharp. Sensing seemed to be a little weak but we are dealing with some very hot days so we will wait for the night range testing to determine that.

The gist of doing this review is to see if we now are going to have the white out issue as we have seen on the other early released cameras. This is going to be a really short review but we will still gather all the sample pictures and videos to ensure that any short comings are found.

09-11-2011 update: We gathered the trigger times which came out to be day 1.09 seconds and night with flash 1.25 seconds. The day range came out pretty sharp and clear. We have not yet done the night range test or the sensing test. We however have gathered sample pictures and they are posted.

09-13-2011 update: Please view the sample pictures and see that the day pictures are good and clear and have good color. The video samples have a strange happening. The lead off photo to give date time is IR yet the video is color and dark. We are still looking at this to see if the canopy is the culprit.

09-17-2011 update: The night pictures showed that the flash is a little weak but the picture quality is above average. We did get a bit of motion blur also. Over all the camera has worked well and has not produced any white pictures but we did get some dark evening pictures that were still very readable.

09-21-2011 update: We only have the battery life to do so we will close this review until that data is available.

03-10-2012 update: This camera took 2211 photos and 6 video clips over a 7 week period.

Trigger Tests
( without flash 1.09s)

( with flash 1.25s)

Flash Range
(camera only)

Day Range/8 Plate

Dead Pixel Test
(minor dead pixels)

Video Samples

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