2011 WGI W6X micro 6 red Camera Review - July 31, 2011

2011 WGI W6X
(micro 6 red)

2011 WGI W6X (Micro 6) 30 count red flash 6 MP digital camera review

Once we had managed to get through the Micro 8 review we had not expected to do more on this series of camera. The difference in emitter count and the degree of interpolation is the basic difference between the two. This emitter count is supposed to reach 50 feet. The PIR sensitivity is program adjustable in three settings of High, Med Low to compensate for temperature conditions.

There are three resolutions with the 6 MP on top and down to 2 on the bottom. Delay goes down to a nice 15 seconds and up through three more settings to 2 minutes. Being this is what they call micro it operates off 8 AA cells. Programming is done on a front mounted LCD and that process is simple but the camera has to be off the tree to accomplish it because of the button location. The advertized battery life is a month to a month and a half. Full bottom door gasket closes up tight and is weather resistant.

We just finished the 8 series of this camera and we had problems with whiteout pictures during the transition periods. We have also seen on the outdoor forums where other cameras in this same micro series are having like problems. We will give this camera a fair chance to prove to us that it is going to do well and not have that issue.

The dark room and out side testing with new pre tested cells showed there seems to be plenty of flash and the trigger seemed to come in just under 2 seconds. The 6 MP day pictures had good color and came in good and clear (some fuzz) and still not as good as the N2 camera tested earlier. It is pretty warm today but I did get continuous sensing of my movement out to about 25 feet judging from the light. We got a little spoiled by the results of the WGI N2 which had a pretty fast trigger and very good pictures. My unofficial look at the delay time seemed to show that it is pretty close but we will look a little closer to this.

WGI offers a standard 1 year limited warranty and their customer service is fairly easy to get hold of through their 800 number. We have seen where someone was unhappy about having to change out a couple of cameras and the expense of shipping. One of the other companies we reported on does not even have the 800 number and when you finally get hold of them and explain your problem they have a pat answer saying for XX amount of dollars we will ship you a brand new camera as an upgrade once you ship in your broken one. So far we have had good reports on this companys customer service department. It is time to get this camera in line to get into the lab for the balance of the review. It is right now 7th in line so it will still be a little while before be a hole open.

08-08-2011 update: Time allowed us to crowd yet another camera into the line today and being these were trouble free tests and all went smooth was a pleasant break after the storm we lived through with the Leupold cameras. The trigger times were fast 1.09 for day and 1.53 for the with flash test. The sensing test at 15 seconds stretched out to 21 seconds which is probably OK after living with the double treatment for the same test on the little Moultries. The day range/8plate color pictures fell in line with the pictures we got from the N2 camera. This is saying that they were sharp and clear with good detail. The night with flash pictures were also good with the black and white detail and very little grey casting. Sensing reached out to 50 feet for the 85 degree evening. Flash also reached to the end of the range. If this camera holds together with out the reported whiteout issues seen on the outdoor forums we will have another good camera.

08-13-2011 update: First trip out to get samples proved that #1 day pictures are great, #2 this cameras follows the 8X with the white out issue during the transition. Once fully switched the night pictures seem to be OK. This problem will probably have to be handled with some type of firmware upgrade.

08-23-2011 update: The white out issue also followed us into the video mode. The color day and the black and white night videos are good but a little jerky. The non standard encoding is giving some systems (players) fits when they try to play these videos.

Trigger Tests
( without flash .109s)

( with flash 1.53s)

Flash Range
(camera only)

Day Range/8 Plate

Dead Pixel Test

Video Samples

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