2010 WGI X6C Camera Review - July 25, 2010

2010 WGI X6C

2010WGI X6C 6MP 18 count red flash Camera Review

We are well into the middle of a lot of reviews and a good many are the brothers and sisters of this camera. As far as stature I do not know just how each would rate but if I were to pick a top model from this company myself it would probably be this camera. To call it the flag ship would be over stating. It is more like a flag boat but a cute little boat at that. The foot print is about five inches tall and about three and a half inches wide and hangs off the tree at about two and a half inches. A brown fall realtree camouflage should be easy to hide on the tree. From the time of the shows I have been waiting for this cam to arrive so it could get in the lineup with the mow many mini cameras we are receiving. With this new year came a new supplier to this company and so far we have found little fault, though we are not very far into most of those reviews. Most of the people dealing with this cam that we have communicated with have just referred to it as the x6 so that is what we are going to use through out the review. This is a cam in the door but to balance things out they put the battery box in the back so it still hangs strait when servicing the camera. No strap slots on the back but it does have a bungee slot at each corner and we see that this camera did come with a set included for hanging the camera. A single large latch closes the rubber gasket sealed door. There is a solid full length hinge along the left side that has no slop in operation and is solid during use. The camera is built in a wedge shape where the back of the camera is wider than the front. This seems to break up the profile a little when it is on the tree. Starting at the top is the 18 count array and inside that is the light pipe and function indicator. Below that is the lens and again I will mention that they use true optical glass for this part. The PIR sensor is the wide angle wrap around style and it is grey black multicolored which makes for somewhat of a camo effect and breaks up the grey a little. Down at the bottom is the external battery port. Opened up you see the 8 AA cell holder and the LCD/viewer (this is the g model) with the control buttons for programming just below. On/off and delete are to the right of the control buttons along with a tiny reset button. The USB and SD card slot are at the bottom next to the external battery port.

I have had the same problem with each and every one of the cameras so far from this company because of not having a complete specification chart. This camera is rated at six MP and there are two outer resolutions below that and I am going to guess and say that they are 1.3 for the low and 3.1 for the medium resolutions. With only 18 headlights it is still rated to 40 feet which will get tested more than once. The PIR is also rated at 40 feet so it should match the flash range well. The onboard memory is 64 mb which is standard for most cameras. I am using a 2 gig card but it is rated to be able to go up t 8 gigs of SD card memory if needed. There is a full color 2 display screen for the programming and viewing the pictures in the field. At the back of the camera is an 8 cell AA holder but I stuck only 4 in the top slots and the cam worked just fine. So in a pinch a person could get away with using a set of 4 for a little while until he could get his hands on a full batch. The internal settings are saved during battery changes. The battery life is rated to last about a month at default settings.

My quick check of the day/night pictures was day pretty good and good night IR pictures. Flash seemed to reach out a lot further than I thought but our range will tell the truth as to just where it is. Trigger times un official seemed to be less than two seconds. There are adjustable sensing levels available in the programming. Rated better than some of the major suppliers this camera has a delay that is down to 30 seconds which beats the stuffing out of those one minute cameras. We will enter this camera into the line of things to do (something like 18 ahead of this one) and slip I on th Trigger time table as soon as we can.

7-24-2010 update: We managed a day of same test testing meaning we just set up for day range and then trigger times so we got part way through our stack. This camera did pretty well on the day range but was a bit hazy but there was a fair degree of contrast. The 8 plate zoom was clear and somewhat sharp. The trigger times were not as good as I wanted. The daytime was over two and a half seconds and the when taken with flash was just under two seconds. Sensing seemed to be good but will test more when we do the flash range because of the cooler night temperatures. Flash range proved the light would reach out to 50+ feet and the sensing was a short 35 feet for this 88 degree evening. The flash range pictures were surprisingly good and a zoom showed good detail.

08-05-2010 update: This little camera has not disappointed us so far but it did show a little more blur than we liked. The transition periods are a little dark but so far most everything has been pretty good. The activity in the deployed area is slow right now but we did manage to get a few good pictures.

08-14-2010 update: The deer were kind to this camera and hung around so we could get a ton more pictures and both day and night were great but some blur. Battery is down to one bar but we stuck it out in video to see just how much longer we are going to get on the battery life. This is a slick little camera that most folks would enjoy using.

08-18-2010 update: We have our first battery life and it looks like about a little over three weeks and just under two hundred pictures and twenty videos. The video quality suffered as the batteries got very low.

08-30-2010 update: Well we managed to collect some video samples and we are very satisfied with the results. The night videos with IR are very sharp and clear. There is a little IR burn on close targets but overall this camera is functioning well above average. Everything is top notch with the exception of the day time trigger times which is over two seconds and approaching three. This is a slick little camera and we have been happy with it. No problems with the day video either, they were very good.

09-11-2010 update: We cleared out a few things and got the advanced system tuned up so we could evaluate this camera deeper to fully understand why we are experiencing the swing in day time trigger times. First I will say that if I were to pick just one time to hang on the day trigger evaluation it would be in the area of 2.05 seconds. This camera is a little more sophisticated than we initially thought. By shifting the light metering we could extend the trigger time by almost one full second. Of course this would represent some extreme conditions. For what we feel is normal conditions this camera will be just over the two second time most of the time. Because we have developed this new testing system over the past couple years we are now finding more and more of the cameras have the more advanced systems and it takes a little more than a helicopter ride and a monitor to do the testing.

10-04-2010 update: A retesting of battery life revealed just over 348 photos and 59 videos. Reports from the users on the forums show this camera can have much better battery life but it appears our unit has sub par battery life. This review is now closed.

Trigger Tests

09/11/2010 Retest showing variances in trigger times due to lighting conditions

(without flash 2.75 seconds)

(with flash 1.89 seconds)

Flash Range

6MP Photo Samples

Video Samples


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