2011 WGI Z4 (Flash 4) Camera Review - July 29 2011

2011 WGI Z4

2011 WGI Z4 (Flash 4) White flash strobe 4 MP fixed digital camera review

Yet another white flash camera and this time it is a 4 MP built on the same frame as the other three in this sequence. With the amount of WGI cameras I have had hold of in a row I think this camera for some reason is a little weak on sensing but the initial test pictures came out good but there appeared to be a bit of a blue cast to the flash pictures. All of these cameras are in the same style of a case and this one is the white flash with the large strobe top front. We are very glad to see more of these hitting the market because the demand has seemed to be on the way back. This little 5 inch square box has just the PIR sensor and LCD on the front under the flash. Two little indicators for the PIR are also located left and right of this sensor lens. All the battery compartment and port data is the same as the rest so I am not going to go into detail about that.

I mentioned a little about some in house testing and found some interesting things out. The trigger seems to be somewhere less than two seconds and the flash will just about wipe out your optic nerve if you are looking a little too close. Still not sure about the sensing on this particular unit because I had to work a little harder to get captures than I did with the other previous three. This could be related to maybe a little increase in the afternoon temperature I hope so. This is a fixed 4 MP only plus this camera also has a day time video mode in the 640X480 resolution. The sensor is rated out to 40 feet and the SD card can go up to 16 gig. Instructions also say about a month of battery life. This all works off just 4 C cells and we chose the Ray O Vac brand for this test.

I really want to see the pictures from this camera on some real deer and try to evaluate that blue cast I observed in the dark room. After all those tests with the red flash IR cameras, it is fun to play with the white flash for a change. The play time here is slow due to that dreaded 30 second minimum delay. After working with a camera or two that has a quick delay time and then try to work with a much longer delay just makes things go so slow. The other delay options are 1, 2, and 5 minutes. I would like to see a 15 second delay or below minimum on all cameras. Anyway I can deal with the 30 second delay once in a while as long as when it says 30 seconds and it tests out to be that amount of time or below. I do not like to find things like we did with the M series Moultrie cams where the switch said 15 seconds and the actual time was over 30 seconds at that setting.

If the trigger comes out officially below 2 seconds and the sensing works as it should I could find a bit of favor with this camera. Once we get on down the list we will find out about all these questions.

Ok, this applies to all the WGI cameras. This is the two small indicators that they use to show PIR function and also the write to card after capture. Both are very useful but can also give away the cameras location. I tried some of the self adhesive dots from the office supply store and they work well and can be bought in different colors. They do leave residue when removed, unless you find the removable variety. Of all the things I have tried I found that a small cheap role of black electrical tape (not the shiny type) with the dull finish works best. It can be lifted and moved to the side during setup and once all this is done they can be replaced back over the indicators and because the tape is opaque no light shines thru.

08-08-2011 update: Next in line in the lab showed that the trigger times were 1.21 for day and 1.56 for flash. The delay set on 30 seconds were stretched out to 35 seconds a 5 second slip. The sensing was at 50 feet for this 85 degree evening. Picture quality slipped down a notch from the last 6 MP cameras built on this same platform. Both day and night color was a bit less in camera than the 6 MP versions. It is good but not near as good as the 6 MP brother units.

08-09-2011 update: We did not get many pictures so we cannot judge the transition time but those both color day and color night pictures came out fine. View the few samples we collected.

08-10-2011 update: I just viewed a short sample of the video from this camera. This is day only so this video information will be rather short. The quality is pretty good and smooth. The color match is very good on the close up animals. Not too bad for a little camera that is considered cheap.

09-21-2011 update: This is a very decent little flash camera. Many find great favor with a small camera that will take night color pictures. As with the 6 MP version of this same camera it has the potential of taking a lot of sales away from the Capture camera which has more problems than most can imagine. We are going to close this review now and just report on the battery life as that data becomes available.

10-16-2011 update: Battery life on this camera was Videos 20, Pictures 1465, 65 days run time.

Trigger Tests
( without flash )

( with flash )

Flash Range
(camera only)

Day Range/8 Plate

Dead Pixel Test
(Little or no dead pixels on this unit)

Video Samples

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