2012 Wildview TGLX8IRNG/June 4, 2012


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CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2012
Flash TypeBlack IR Flash
Battery Type4 x C
2012 Wildview TGLX8IRNG Specs
Test PerformedResult
Flash Range
Trigger Time without Flash2.09s
Trigger Time with Flash2.53s
Video Trigger Time
Day Range
Battery Life5246 photos and 33 videos over a span of 13 days
Filter ClunkSlight at transition
Invisible FlashNo but very low glow
Motion Blur
Sensing Test40 feet at 79 degrees
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2012 Wildview TGLX8IRNG 8 MP 35 count Black IR digital camera review

We are tapering off towards the end of our list of reviewed cameras and I had a little bit of a hard time getting an early sample to review. This is the typical Wildview camera and all the previous specifications as far as size and switches and battery compartment remain the same so we will not get into that. This camera operates off four C cells and is fully switch programmed. Delay is down to 20 seconds and you can select the power of the array from 25 emitters to 35 emitters. This is an 8 mp camera that is interpolated up from its 5 MP image sensor. There is three video times of 15, 30, and 60 seconds. Burst is 1, 3, and 6 pictures per trigger. The SD card size is up to 16 gig, (in house tests should be done prior to deployment) and it is important to check card compatibility prior to leaving it in the field.

The dark room showed me that this is in the very low glow category and not true black flash. I could view the flash fairly easy at 5 to 6 feet but not much past that. The night pictures are fuzzy and the day pictures in both resolution settings are also pretty fuzzy. They have good color but lack that sharp definition and detail. We have not seen much from Stealth this year that has worked as well their Archers Choice camera.

This camera sells for around $150 and is tagged as being “no glo” and we tagged it low glow. The trigger time has yet to be determined because during my walk tests and holding my BF analyzer, it seemed to be inconsistent so we will have to wait for the trigger table to tell us the official results. The delay actually seemed to be shorter than the selected 20 seconds. Sensing did seem a little weak but today is pretty warn so my test would not be exactly fair; we will wait for a nice cool evening. My cruse through the documentation was very quick. The nice complex specification chart must have got left on the drafting table and a Friday afternoon version ended up in its place. Being a switch based camera it is easy to understand so the write-up can be somewhat vague which this booklet is.

My high hopes dwindled for this camera when I first viewed the night with flash pictures and did not see the detail I wanted to see. I am going to again test this because my little hundred dollar Bushnell land camera seemed to do a much better job.

Progress and Activity
06-05-2012 update
06-05-2012 update: Our dead pixel tests did not show any significant problems. There is a slight filter clunk at transition with this camera. Another thing that I noticed was that I never picked up on before with the many reviews of Wildview cameras that I have tested. This is that the amount of weight at the bottom of the camera and the very high strap loops make it a real pain to aim and the tendency to point up. A stick behind the top and a bungee across the bottom is the method I ended up with that worked. There is not tri-pod insert so the loops on the back are all you have for mounting. My scan through the vendor sites this morning showed that there are several cameras in the BF category that are priced near or a little more than the asking price of this camera that may be a better choice. Some are also in the switch based programming style.
06-10-2012 update
06-10-2012 update: While some other work was being done we had this camera deployed so it is going to appear that everything is happening very quickly. First off the day/night range testing did not impress us very much. Remembering that this is a $150 camera in the lo glo category makes us want to say that there is probably some other cameras (even by this same mfg.) that will out perform and still give you a few pennies back. There seems to be a lot of noise in the flash pictures and the color day pictures are fuzzy. The trigger time came out to be 2.09s and avg 2.53 for without and with flash. Please view the sample pictures which so far were in the top setting of 8MP. Sensing was 40 feet at 79 degrees.
06-13-2012 update
06-13-2012 update: This little camera just happened to fall in line with several other cameras that are either cheaper or about the same price and we are within minutes seeing the results of their performance as well as what this camera is doing. The main message is that even though there are some good strong points with this camera like the switches and programming, this camera just does not measure up in performance all the way from trigger times to picture quality. Here are the sample pictures/ video to view for yourself.
06-20-2012 update
06-20-2012 update: We have captured a bunch of sample pictures and even though the slow trigger time our resident herd managed to wander around and get their pictures taken. This camera does work and all the functions have been proven. It is just that it’s performance is very lacking when you put it up against other cameras that are about the same spec’s. If the picture quality was a bit better then I would think much better about this camera. But to have a some what of a slow trigger and on top of that having to deal with the fuzzy pictures does not impress.
07-14-2012 update
07-14-2012 update: This camera has been a real disappointment and its 13 day battery life was only part of that. It did how ever capture 5246 pictures and 33 videos during that time. This review is closed.

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